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Colorado Weather Links

When there are predictions of snow in the weather forecast; we have put together this awesome guide for many of the Denver metro area school districts to help you understand possible closures at your school.
Take a look at the information for the school district where your class is held and monitor their website for announcements about closures.
We will be sure to let you know if we hear anything from individual schools.

Adams 12
The district closely monitors weather reports and road conditions and makes a decision regarding school on a daily basis between the following three options:
All schools/offices are Open: All schools will operate on a normal schedule despite weather. If schools are open but a parent feels, based on personal circumstances, that conditions pose a safety concern for their child getting to or from school they can call the school for an excused absence.
All schools/offices are operating on a 2-hour delayed start: In the event of an announced 2-hour delayed start, all schools will start two hours after the normal start time. For more details on the new 2-hour delayed start option, visit
All schools/offices are Closed: All schools will be closed. Additionally, all scheduled activities in the school building are canceled and sports events and practices are postponed.
If the determination has been made that all schools will be closed or operating on a 2-hour delay, we will make every effort to announce a decision by 5:30 a.m. Given how quickly weather conditions can change in Colorado, decisions are typically not made the night before.

Aurora Public Schools
If our district closes schools or delays start times, announcements will be made.
Should APS staff make the decision to delay school, the school day would begin one hour later than normal. Staff members are expected to arrive at school as close to their regular start time as is safely possible as some students will arrive on time.
APS buses will pick up students one hour later than normal. Dismissal times at the end of the school day will remain the same. Afternoon preschool start times will also remain the same. Some class schedules may be affected by the delayed start. Please check with your school for any specific schedule changes.
For before-school care, please contact your care provider. Our top priority is to keep students and staff as safe as possible. Please note: A delayed start does not change regular dismissal times or pick-up times at the end of the school day.


Boulder Valley School District
Watch the area at the top of the front page of the BVSD website. Public notice of a closure or delay will be posted on a banner there as soon as possible after the decision has been made. Except in very rare instances, decisions about closures are generally made by 5:30 a.m.
An email, phone call and text message (for those who have opted in to receive text messages from BVSD) will be sent to everyone whom the closure or delay directly affects.
In cases of all-district closures, the messages will be sent to ALL BVSD parents / guardians and staff.
In cases of mountain school closures, only mountain schools and mountain bus parents/guardians and staff will get the email and text messages.
Media will also be alerted in both cases, and Facebook and Twitter notices will be posted.


Cherry Creek School District
In the event of a weather delay or closure, parents will be notified via the Blackboard Connect phone message system. We also will post the notification on our district and school websites, Facebook, Twitter and notify the news media.
When schools are closed: Before- and After-School Daycare Programs are cancelled. All activities scheduled in district facilities are cancelled. In-district sports events and team practices are postponed.
When schools are on a delayed start: Elementary School bus pickup is delayed 60 minutes. School starts at 9:00 a.m. Dismissal times will be the same as usual for all schools, including morning kindergarten and preschool programs. Before and After-School Daycare programs will operate on a normal schedule.

Denver Public Schools
If a Weather Delay is called by the district, all schools (regardless of start time) will be delayed by two hours.
We are committed to informing families about school closures or delays as early as possible – with the goal to make the call by 5 a.m.
The decision to delay or close will be made by the superintendent. That decision is based on expected accumulation of snow, the size of the storm and its duration. The superintendent, transportation director and other district officials assess local & national weather projections and an independent weather service. Leaders also confer with City of Denver plowing schedules, CDOT and neighboring school districts before making the call.
When inclement weather reaches the metro area, members of the DPS Department of Safety and Facility Management teams visit sites checking on the impact of the weather in and around our schools. That information is shared with DPS leadership and is used in the decision-making process.


Douglas County School District
Douglas County School District takes the safety of our students, staff, parents and community members seriously. Our district is huge - spanning 850+ square miles, and conditions can vary from one region to another.
Because many of our families and staff travel across the school district, any weather delay or closure will apply to the entire school district (unless otherwise indicated).
When DCSD is on a 90-minute delay, all schools begin 90-minutes after regular start times. Bus routes are also delayed by 90-minutes, so students should plan to be picked up one and a half hours later than normal. DCSD before school care (BASE) also begins 90-minutes later than normal. During a delay, morning preschool and kindergarten programs are canceled. Full-day preschool and kindergarten programs operate on a 90-minute delay.
When DCSD is closed due to weather conditions, all schools and buildings are closed, and any scheduled activities are cancelled.
In the event of a delay or closure, the information will be posted on the top of the DCSD website. We will also post updates on the DCSD Facebook and Twitter accounts, the DCSD mobile app and on local media outlets.


Jeffco Public Schools
The district makes every effort to decide and announce decisions to close schools before 6 a.m. The planning and review process actually begins the night before. Once a decision is made, a message will be posted on our Twitter and Facebook pages, posted on our website, and sent to Jeffco families via email, text, and phone using SchoolMessenger. Local media will also be notified.


Littleton Public Schools
In case of an emergency or severe weather conditions, please check this website for a prominent announcement in a red or yellow banner across the top regarding changes in school schedules. If there is no red or yellow banner, all schools are on normal schedule. Most Denver news stations announce these changes, as well. The district may also send an email to all LPS families when school schedule changes occur.
One Hour Delayed Start: All LPS schools will start one hour later and all busses will run one hour later. School Age Child Care will be on a 30 minutes delay and open at 7:00am.
Two Hour Delayed Start: All LPS schools will start two hours later and all busses will run two hours later. No morning preschool - students who attend full day preschool will start two hours later. No bus transportation will be provided for morning preschool. School Age Child Care will be on a 1 hour delay and open at 7:30am.

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