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Payroll Resources and Paycor Instructions

Register for Paycor here.

You should have received an invite via email, which will contain a link to register directly. You can also enter your personal information and use the Access Code 156527. Then also make sure to download the Paycor app to your phone!


What Is Paid Time Off In My Paycor Profile?

Timesheets on Phone/Tablet

  • How to Add Driving Reimursement

  • How to punch In and Out

Paycor How To

From Strategic Kids

  • How to Report a Missed Punch

To complete timesheets we recommend doing so on your phone or tablet, as the timecard system is live and we request that you punch in and out at the start and end times of your shift each day as the shift occurs. 

Update Direct Deposit

For help updating your Direct Deposit please email at copy of a voided check or Direct Deposit instructions from your bank to

Sick Paid Time Off (and Regular Time Off)

All hourly staff (CA, CO and WA) accrue a certain number of sick hours for each hour worked.
More details coming soon on accrual rates and 'rules'.
In the meantime, in your Paycor Profile you might see "Paid Time Off" or "Sick Paid Time Off". This will show your balance of Sick Accrual. Please keep in mind that this type of Paid Time Off can only be used in certain cases for particular reasons. More details coming soon.
Furthermore generally this type of paid time off can only be use when you are sick, have a scheduled doctor's appointment and/or caring for a family member that is ill. More details coming soon on qualified uses.

How do I request Sick Time Off?

If sick pay paid time off, be sure to immediately alert your supervisor (and the person that provides your schedule - if someone different) that you need to take sick time off, detail the date(s) and time(s) you need off and your anticipated return, then request the hours through the Paycor Mobile app. Directions can be found here.

How do I request other Time Off?

For non Sick Paid Time Off, please email your supervisor (and the person that provides your schedule - if someone different) that you need to request time off. Provide the details of the date(s) and time(s) you are requesting off. Please remember, don't take time off without first getting written approval from you supervisor. We need to ensure we can cover your shift/class before approving.

Which Paycor App do I download?

See the blue button above for direct link to the Android and Apple app you need to download. Please download the orange app called "Paycor Mobile."

How do I add my earned driving reimbursement?

For those that currently have access: Under "Create Punch" click "Add Pay Item" Type in the amount owed and hit "Submit Pay Item." For those that currently don't have access: We are aware of the issue and are actively working on fixing it with Paycor.

For accessing online via a web browser, is there a particular browser I should use?

Chrome is the best browser to use. Many of the other browsers when used don't function as well and/or are missing certain sections of pieces of information. 

I forgot to clock in and/or clock out - how do I report a missing punch?

Click the arrow to the left of "Time Card" and click "Report a Missed Punch." More info can be found here.

Will I get paid if I miss clocking a shift?

You will be paid, but please make sure to report your missing shift so it's reported properly - see FAQ above

I am an enrichment coach, how do I enter 1.5 hours for my 1 hour class?

Punch in when arrive 15 minutes early and then punch out when you get back to your car after class. This should be about 15 minutes after class.

How do I enter hours for different department (aka different job type - ex. Office/Training Hours or Paraeducator Hours)?

We are working on getting this corrected - it was supposed to be available - more info coming soon.

Why do I not have a schedule in Paycor yet? Can I still punch in and out?

Schedules have not been loaded/updated in Paycor yet for all job types. This will be rolling out over time. For enrichment always be sure to check your Configio account for schedule and rosters (if applicable).

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