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Teaching Life Strategies Through Games

Teaching Life Strategies Through Games

We offer comprehensive services, from school staffing support to engaging educational STEAM-based enrichment programs for children and even fun event and party planning! Please select one of these options to learn more about what we offer!

A proud mother with her son giving a thumbs up.


A happy student with his tutor.


A tutor teaching a child.


A group of kids getting ready to party.

Special Events

Fish cartoon from the Strategic Kids Cartooning program

Upcoming Events

We have fun events at our Learning Center that promise fun and learning for your little ones each week! Join us for our exciting weekly chess tournaments, fun lessons in one of our many programs, and yearly camps! Stay tuned for other events throughout the year!

Chess cartoon from the Strategic Kids Cartooning program

Our Mission

Our aim is to positively impact our community by teaching life strategies through games! We strive to make learning fun and exciting so children feel engaged and are able to retain the knowledge they learn to use in their futures and everyday lives. We offer our enriching programs in public, private, and charter elementary schools. You can find our programs in schools in Orange County, San Diego, Seattle, and Denver. Explore our core values!

Origami cartoon from the Strategic Kids Cartooning program
Our President and Program Directors
Five children smiling

SK Collaborative

We dedicate our non-profit SK Collaborative to making a positive impact by providing enriching activities to children in need. Through generous donations and community support, we ensure that children in need have access to educational programs. By fostering a love for learning, we hope to empower these young minds, helping them reach their full potential. Join us in our mission to brighten the futures of underserved children and create opportunities for growth and success.

LEGO cartoon from the Strategic Kids Cartooning program


An excited boy with a chess piece.


An excited girl with a LEGO car.


An excited boy drawing a cartoon fish.


An excited boy with origami creatures.


Excited kids playing tag.


And excited boy with magic cards.


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