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Providing The Support You Need

We provide fantastic enrichment activities for kids but are also here to supply outstanding support for schools when they require educational staff!

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Paraeducator with a special needs child learning to cut with scissors

Needs Available

We provide substitutes for many positions, including Paraeducators, P.E. Teachers, virtual and in-person Assistants, Enrichment Instructors, Tutors, and Supervisors. We’re here to help schools fulfill hiring needs and meet or exceed required instructional minutes. We emphasize our instructional staff to support their students and meet the educational goals set by their teachers. 

How It Works

Our process is simple. We work directly with schools to find the best candidates for short- and long-term positions. Depending on the notice, school, and job that needs fulfillment, we can fill roles in as little as one hour! We aim to help schools meet daily staffing needs so school days run smoothly and without interruption. 

  • We find suitable candidates 

  • Put hirees in the right short or long-term position

  • Fill rolls on a by-need basis

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Become One Of Our Many Partners!

We work with schools throughout the Southern California, Seattle, and Denver regions! From private to public schools, Strategic Kids Substitutes have filled necessary roles, providing relief for schools and ensuring students receive quality care. 

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