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Party With
Strategic Kids!

Celebrate a birthday or other special event with one of our fantastic Coaches who ignite imaginations with our amazing themed parties! 

Three kids wearing party hats
Several kids wearing party hats with a cake in the center

ALL Parties!

Yes, we've got 'kids' in our name, but we're here to celebrate all parties! After all, everyone's a kid at heart! From birthday parties and playdates with friends to corporate events and fundraisers, we do it all! 

We've Got The

Boy do we! We have a wide range of themes for you to select from. Each of our themes are conducted under the supervision of our trained coaches who know the tricks and tips to make this a celebration you'll never forget.

  • Story-Based Chess Lessons

  • Themed LEGO Builds

  • Origami Art

  • Fast-Paced Table Hockey

  • Escape Rooms

  • Magic Performances

  • Dungeon & Dragons

  • And more!!

90-Minute Party

Depending on your party theme, pricing ranges between $250 to $400 for up to ten party-goers.

Select Your Party

Our party packages include instruction from our amazing Strategic Kids coaches, all materials and supplies for your chosen activity, and a private space at our Strategic Kids Learning Center! Packages are completely customizable, so let us know what we can do to accommodate your needs.

  Book A Party Today!

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Let's party!

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