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Core Values

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Character / Disposition
1. Be True! We do what we say and say what we mean all the time.

2. Be Humble! We are continuously improving our character and skills. 

3. Be Positive! Look for the good in everything, even when it’s tough.

4. Be Flexible! Be ready for change and implement new ideas.

5. Give it Your All! We will do the best we can with what we have today.

6. Own it All!! We are accountable for the consequences of our decisions.

7. Show Respect! We are kind, considerate and show appreciation.

8. Communicate Clearly! To be unclear is to be unkind; communication is key.

Critical Thinking
9. Be Strategic! Have a strategy and take time to consider before acting and speaking.

10. Find Solutions! Focus on solving the problem and achieving results.

Practical Leadership
11. Lead by Serving! Seek opportunities to serve and help others be their best.

General Advice
12. Have Fun! Life is meant to be enjoyed, including our “work”.

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