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Here To Enrich
Your Child's Life

Our engaging activities, from chess to cartooning, are designed to enrich your child’s life. We’re certain our programs will help them develop valuable skills, make friends, and build confidence!

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We offer diverse programs, from Chess to Cartooning, LEGO, Origami, and more! There's something for every child's interests, providing fun and educational experiences they'll love to help them build lasting skills throughout their life. 

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Chess pieces
Origami ninja star
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LEGO build of a house
Origami crane

Why Strategic Kids?

We prioritize a child's growth and well-being! Our experienced instructors, diverse curriculum, and focus on character development set us apart. We offer a safe and nurturing environment where your child can thrive academically and socially.

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We have fun events at our Learning Center that promise fun and learning for your little ones each week! Join us for our exciting weekly chess tournaments, fun lessons in one of our many programs, and yearly camps! Stay tuned for other events throughout the year!

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