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Cartooning is a unique activity that improves artistic ability and teaches storytelling techniques, as it helps kids express ideas visually and in sequence. Our program keeps it simple by teaching children how to create cartoon characters step-by-step, with themes ranging from sea creatures to geometric shapes!

Excited child making a shark cartoon

What Are The Benefits Of Cartooning?

Wit and Humor

Children drawing funny characters and situations makes them think creatively and out of the box. They’ll learn to use clever words and pictures to make their classmates laugh. Let your child build this valuable skill for any scenario!

Cartooning cartoon conveying wit and humor
Cartooning cartoon conveying artistic style

Artistic Style

As your child practices cartooning, they’ll develop a unique artistic style. They’ll learn to create and develop silly characters with distinct features and expressions. And improve their cartoons throughout the program!

Imaginative Thinking

Cartooning is an amazing way for your child to boost their imagination! When you make cartoons, you dream up unforgettable characters, places, and stories. Cartooning transports kids to a magic world where anything is possible… and anything is!

Cartooning cartoon conveying imaginative thinking
Cartooning cartoon conveying drawing skills

Drawing Skills

 When you practice drawing cartoons, you get better at drawing in general. You learn about shapes, lines, and making things look just right. It's a fun art program where even Michaelangelo can learn a thing or two!


Cartooning is like telling stories with pictures. When your child draws cartoons, they'll learn how to show characters' feelings and what they're doing. They'll become a better storyteller because they can share their ideas in a fun and visual way!

Cartooning cartoon conveying storytelling
Cartooning cartoon conveying authentic expression

Authentic Expression

When cartooning, your child can create characters and stories about their likes and feelings. Cartooning helps them show their thoughts and ideas in a way that's unique to them, letting their true self shine through drawings!

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