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Our Origami program introduces your child to the mesmerizing Japanese art form and culture! Our instructors guide your little ones through each step, ensuring they master the precise folds and intricate techniques to create stunning origami masterpieces. From adorable animals like dogs and cats to objects like samurai helmets and ninja stars, they’ll bring captivating creations to life!

Excited child with Origami creations

What Are The Benefits Of Origami?

Physics Concepts

Origami is like a fun science lesson for kids (and adults too)! When you fold paper into different shapes, you learn how things move, balance, and stay together, simplifying scientific concepts like gravity and symmetry. 

Origami cartoon conveying physics concepts


When you make origami, you learn about how things are put together and structured. You fold paper carefully to create animals, shapes, and more. It helps you understand how shapes and parts fit together, like making a puzzle. Very cool!

Cognitive Skills

Because origami is like a puzzle, it’s good for the brain! Like any puzzle, you need to use your memory and think about how things fit together, improving the brain’s neuroplasticity and developing new neural pathways!

Origami cartoon conveying cognitive skills
Origami cartoon conveying structure
Origami cartoon conveying trial and error

Trial and Error

It feels like a guessing game, but there's always a way! Your child might make a mistake when creating origami creations, but that's okay. They'll learn from their mistakes and keep trying until they make it perfect! A valuable lesson in everyday life.


Origami helps children focus When they fold paper into shapes, they must pay close attention to the instructions. It’ll make them concentrate, which is like a superpower for getting things done. Origami helps your child develop this superpower!

Origami cartoon conveying concentration
Origami cartoon conveying fractions


When we fold paper, we're dividing it further and further into fractions, which can help a child understand how fractions work in a fun and unique way. While doing origami, your child will get a math lesson without realizing it!

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