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Our Sports program teaches important life lessons while being tons of fun. We offer various sports programs, from traditional sports such as basketball and volleyball to our unique twist on outdoor classics such as capture the flag and relay races that integrate educational puzzles and quizzes. We are confident that our Sports program is an opportunity for your child to learn, get fit, and have a great time!

Excited children part of the Strategic Kids Sports program

What Are The Benefits Of Sports?


Playing sports helps kids become great teammates! They learn to work with friends to win games and solve problems. They share, communicate, and support each other, which makes their team stronger and themselves as individuals!

Sports cartoon conveying teamwork
Sports cartoon conveying time management

Time Management

Sports teach kids to manage their time well by beating the buzzer and timers! Sports teach children to strategically manage how quickly they finish a goal within the context of their sportive activity. 

Handling Pressure

Sports help your child learn how to handle pressure like a champ! The challenge to win can be daunting, prompting within your child feelings of pressure that they will learn to manage with time. It's like a superpower that helps them not get nervous! 

Sports cartoon conveying handling pressure
Sports cartoon conveying commitment


Sports teach your child about commitment. When they join a team, they promise to attend practice and games, teaching them to keep their word and be responsible. This special skill will make them better at sticking to their goals in life!


Sports help kids become leaders! They learn to encourage their teammates, make decisions, and set a good example. It makes them confident and shows them how to be leaders in other parts of their lives, too! Maybe they'll be a CEO someday?

Sports cartoon conveying leadership
Sports cartoon conveying responsibility


Sports will teach your child to be more responsible. They must bring their gear, be on time for games, and listen to their instructors and teammates. Improving responsibility is especially beneficial because it’ll help them in school and throughout their life!

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