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Our Mission

Strategic Kids strives each day to live up to its mission - to be a positive impact on our community. Our strategy to achieve this begins with our vision of partnering with the schools, parents and the students we serve. We do this by creating unique and quality programs, by hiring enthusiastic coaches with the heart of a teacher, and sharing our passion of games with as many kids as possible.


We teach kids how to play games and to use play as a way to learn. We believe there are games and activities that can naturally teach us valuable life skills (we like to call them strategies!) From problem-solving through teamwork, patience through visualizing results, confidence through achievement, and sportsmanship through defeat, games and the strategies behind them have a way of teaching these life skills while having fun and exercising the mind.

The Founders

The founders of Strategic Kids, Blake Hepburn and Adam Brody

Strategic Kids was launched in 2013 by Adam Brody and Blake Hepburn in Parker, Colorado, with the mission of positively impacting the community by teaching life strategies through games! Adam and Blake had a desire to bring learning to life through games. They began with chess but soon added LEGO and other enrichment programs that fit within their mission. They have worked with over 100,000 students and are excited to continue impacting students all over the USA, bringing their educational and engaging activities to other regions. 

Meet the Whole Team!

Curt Visca - Director of School Day Support
Catherine Clark. the Regional Director of San Diego
Seaver Sizemore, the Enrichment Director of Orange County
Amanda Carlucci, the Office Manager of Orange County
Heidi Jones, the Scheduling Director of Orange County
Evan Erickson, the Seattle and Virtual Director
Isaac Wence, the Scheduling Manager
Nathan Brunetta, the Regional Director of San Diego
Gabriel Balme, the Technical Director
Reed Grable, the Communications Director
Josh Serrano, the Director of Magic in Orange County
Christian Salamy, the Program Director of Orange County
Ryan Jackson, the Director of Expanded Learning and Masters of the Field Program
Shay Curran, the Talent Recruiter of Orange County
Graham Hoehle, the Assistant Director of Orange County



Instructors and Paraeducators!

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