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Magic is an extraordinary program designed to captivate young minds while teaching them essential life skills. Our program's curriculum lets children embark on a thrilling journey where they master new tricks each week that they perform in front of their peers! In Magic, your little ones will learn mesmerizing tricks that leave everyone spellbound!

Excited child with magic cards as part of Strategic Kids magic program

What Are The Benefits Of Magic?

Art of Presentation

Of course, magic teaches children how to perform tricks and amaze others, but they also learn to confidently present themselves by standing tall, talking clearly, and making their magic look professional. They’ll become quite the showman after our program!

Perspective Taking

Magic lets children look at things from a different angle! They learn to think about how their audience sees tricks, helping them understand what others are thinking and feeling. This program helps them understand people better, too!

Magic cartoon conveying perspective taking
Magic cartoon conveying art of presentation

Interpersonal Skills

In this program, your child will practice tricks with others and even perform in front of people, helping them talk and connect with others better. They learn to be friendly and confident and make people smile - a magic spell for building great friendships!

Magic cartoon conveying interpersonal skills
Magic cartoon conveying illusion knowledge

Illusion Knowledge

This Magic program teaches kids about all kinds of illusions! They learn how to create things that look real but aren't. They discover how to use their imagination to surprise and amaze people, making them feel like real magicians who can do incredible tricks!

Fine Motor Skills

Magic classes are a fun exercise for the fingers! Kids practice tricks that involve delicate moves, like card tricks or coin tricks. These tricks make their fingers nimble and skilled. It's like a game that, in the process, helps them improve their fine motor skills. 

Magic cartoon conveying fine motor skills
Magic cartoon conveying logical thinking

Logical Thinking

Young magicians will learn the secrets behind tricks and how to plan each stepLearning this knowledge helps them understand how things work logically. Like solving puzzles, it makes their minds sharper!

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