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Welcome to the New Strategic Kids Website!

Are you ready to be in the loop with everything Strategic Kids offers? Our new website provides just that.

Strategic Kids' new and improved website offers much easier navigation for everyone we aim to serve. From parents to schools, our website is optimized to help you quickly find the service you're searching for. Let's explore the features that are now available on our site.

Navigating the New Strategic Kids Website

Yes, our website is newly branded and oh so shiny and brand-spankin' new looking. Still, we also made it far easier for parents to find the events we offer, for instructors to apply for that enrichment position they've been seeking, and so much more!

Key improvements include:

Calendar of Events

Ain't it cute? It's a nifty little calendar with all our events ready to be viewed on a whim. With this calendar, you can easily view when our Friday Knight Tournaments and other fun events like USCF Tournaments are available and register for them directly by clicking on the link attached to each listing. Easy.

Forms, Forms, and More Forms!

Would you take a gander at that there form? The pirate sure likes it... argh! We have several forms available for anyone using our site to fill out to allow for more accessible communication. Viewing the Our Services tab, you'll notice several pages: Parents, Schools, ELO-P, and Special Events. Each page has a form their respective users can fill out, and the appropriate Strategic Kids representative will answer their questions quickly!

Plus, there is a form for prospective employees to fill out and send their resume. Don't be shy to apply ;)

Learn More About Your Child's Program

We offer a wide range of programs, from Chess to Sports, Table Hockey, and LEGO, and we know it can be challenging to choose a program. Thankfully, we've included a handy dandy list of the benefits of each program, making it easier to help you select an enrichment program for your child.

Does your child need help overcoming their anxiety of speaking in front of an audience? Well, we have a Magic program that will help with just that. Is your child an aspiring architect? Undoubtedly, the educational aspects of LEGO will point them in the right direction. Or do they want to improve their Chess skills? I don't need to say much more.

This Blog!

Please ignore this image. I will post this blog so the above won't be visible to you (and pardon me for breaking the fourth wall). But yes, this blog is an exciting new addition for Strategic Kids! We will develop weekly posts about fun activities for you and your family, deep dives into the benefits of the programs we offer, and news related to everything we offer. Plus, so much more! Stay tuned.

Have any questions about our new website? Or any questions at all (Strategic Kids-related, of course)? Then email us at, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!



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