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Watch your child learn to play table hockey like a pro! Table hockey is a tabletop version of a real ice hockey game. The game is both educational and fun for kids. It improves hand-eye coordination as they control the puck and moves players on the table and strategic thinking as they plan moves and aim for the opponent's goal. As our head coach, Dr. Raffery, the #2-ranked table hockey player in the USA, says, "It's like playing chess at 700 mph!"


Excited child playing table hockey as part of the Strategic Kids table hockey program

What Are The Benefits Of Table Hockey?

Hand-Eye Coordination

Kids playing table hockey use their hands to control the players and the puck. They must watch the puck carefully and move their players to hit it just right. This focus makes their hands and eyes work together, improving their coordination!

Spatial-Temporal Reasoning

In table hockey, your child needs to figure out where the puck is going and how to stop it by moving their players, which causes them to conceptualize space and time. It's like a fun brain exercise that will improve your child's ability to solve multi-step problems!

Table hockey cartoon conveying hand-eye coordination

Strategy and Tactics

Kids need to think about how and when to attack and score and when to defend their goal, helping them learn about tactics and how to make intelligent decisions. Clearly, it’s a lot like chess but so much faster!

Table hockey cartoon conveying strategy and tactics

Thinking and Problem Solving

Table hockey sharpens thinking and problem-solving skills in kids. As they aim to score and defend, they strategize, make quick decisions, and adapt It's like a fast-paced puzzle where they must anticipate moves and find creative solutions!

Table hockey cartoon conveying thinking and problem solving

Interpersonal Skills

Table hockey is a great social game! Playing with friends fosters communication, cooperation, and sportsmanship. They learn to take turns, resolve conflicts, and enjoy friendly competition. Table hockey promotes positive social interactions!

Table hockey cartoon conveying interpersonal skills
Table hockey cartoon conveying sportsmanship


Table hockey teaches kids sportsmanship by promoting fair play and respect. They learn to win and lose gracefully, accepting outcomes with good spirits. Table hockey nurtures valuable sportsmanship qualities that extend beyond the game!

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