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After-School Programs Available In Denver

After-School Programs Available In Denver

We are on a mission to positively impact our communities by teaching life strategies through games. Creativity is at the heart of a child’s development - we’re here to engage that creativity through the many enriching programs we have to offer.

Find us at your child’s school!

What Programs Do We Offer?

What Programs Do We Offer?


With our engaging story-based lessons, we offer the perfect introduction to the wonderful game of Chess! Everyone is welcome, whether your child is a beginner or a seasoned player! During each session, your child will receive an new lesson and make friends, concluding with a tournament with the chance to win trophies and prizes! Click here to learn more. 


Our STEM Cartooning sessions are simple and entertaining! With straightforward, step-by-step instructions, children can learn the fundamentals of Cartooning and explore ways to bring life to anything from inanimate objects and personalities to animals. Each day, students will build upon their knowledge and hone their skills, drawing different figures of all sorts, from sea creatures to geometric shapes! The possibilities for fun are endless with STEM Cartooning!! 

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Children are naturally curious, so let them explore with our LEGO Engineering and Storytelling courses! With LEGO Engineering, they'll gain a better understanding of basic engineering principles through engaging and creative activities like crafting LEGO machines, or carnival-themed LEGO builds. LEGO Storytelling classes teach them the art of storytelling by guiding them through LEGO builds of creative tales revolving around themes of Star Wars, Harry Potter, Ninjago, and more! Click here to learn more. 

Masters of the Field

Masters of the Field combines the fun of classic outdoor games and games that test your knowledge! The program features Capture the Flag and Relay Races mixed with various educational subjects, including math, spelling, science, history, and logic puzzles, to challenge students! These fun outside games will test teamwork, strategy, and skill while participants learn technique, focus and gain academic skills - all while getting a workout! Classes include stretching and warm-ups, followed by a wide variety of games paired with a new educational curriculum each week. 

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Are we not available at your school? Let your school know and request us!

Questions? Contact Us. 


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